Junior Golf Association of Arizona

The Junior Golf Association of Arizona is a 501(c)(3) corporation, a charity, and relies on fund-raising activities and donations given to the association by clubs, corporations and individuals. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. The JGAA governs and promotes junior golf in the State of Arizona. It introduces non-golfing juniors to the game, establishes golf programs at schools, assists golf courses with their Junior programs, conducts major junior golf tournaments in the state, and administers the Tres Arnold and John Wolfinger Scholarship Fund's.

What is the JGAA?

It was the spring of 1981 when the idea was first conceived of starting a statewide junior golf association. With the initial financial support coming from The Thunderbirds and the management provided by the Arizona Golf Association this dream became a reality. The organization was incorporated in August of 1983 with little activity during the first two years. In November of 1985 it hired its first Executive Director. The 1986 Phoenix Open, now known as the Waste Management Phoenix Open, was used to formally launch the JGAA into operation. It is now recognized statewide as "Arizona's Junior Golf Program". The JGAA has grown throughout the years and established itself as one of the premier junior golf associations in the nation. The Junior Golf Association of Arizona promotes the game of golf for juniors throughout Arizona. To maintain and improve the standards of amateur junior golf in the state of Arizona is one of the JGAA's primary goals. The JGAA maintains an active membership of some 1,000 members, touches and additional 1,200 youth through other events and produces approximately 50 tournaments and various other activities throughout the year. These tournaments and activities focus on one entity, the junior golfer. The Association provides top-level tournament play, beginner and introductory competition as well as rules and etiquette programs for all of its membership.

The JGAA has worked with and developed many top junior players, many of which have gone on to make golf their professional occupation. It is vital that an organization be in place to foster a meaningful relationship between a junior and the game of golf. The JGAA is such an organization. Based upon the philosophy that "golf is a game for life" the JGAA directly focuses on the initial introduction of the game, its history, its values as well as it ability to parallel life. How well the JGAA performs, and what it has to offer, directly influences the desire of a junior golfer to maintain his or her passion for the game of golf. One of the goals of the JGAA is to have a positive impact upon youth that wish to play golf and to give them a solid foundation on which to build their golfing experience. Affording them a solid foundation will allow the JGAA member to eventually take the game of golf into his or her twilight years. It is critical that a sport that has so much to offer the juniors be run, funded and maintained at the highest professional level possible. The JGAA itself is a 501(c)(3) organization and in such is tax exempt. In addition, the Association qualifies for the charitable contribution deduction under Section 170(b)(1)(A) and has been classified as an organization that is not a private foundation under Section 509(a)(2). The Executive Director manages the day to day operations and a Board of Directors is in place for strategic planning and operational control.


The Junior Golf Association of Arizona is seeking additional contribution and sponsorship revenue for current programs and long term financial contributions for its Foundation. This additional level of contributions will allow the JGAA to maintain its current activities and to further produce for its membership an affordable junior golf program. These additional funds will also go a long way to bolster the financial position of the JGAA. These funds will be placed in critical areas of operation and perhaps, most importantly these additional funds will allow the JGAA to continue to address the demands put upon it by the ever increasing interest in junior golf. The influx of new revenue and sponsorships is vital to the continuation of the JGAA. Upon gaining a financially strong position, the JGAA will be able to maintain and even expand the new and exciting programs aimed at bringing golf to juniors who currently have little or no contact with the sport of golf.


The additional funding acquired will have an immediate impact on the lives of Junior Golfers and their families. Depending upon the request of the contributing parties, the return on their "investment" can be immediate. Sponsor and contributor exposure has increased with the implementation of the JGAA web site and the distribution of the annual JGAA Handbook to all its new and renewing members, sponsors and contributors. Tournaments and programs will bear the name of the sponsoring companies. Information will be published on the JGAA Web Site and article's will be written in the JGAA annual printed newsletter and periodic e-mail newsletters which is sent to all members, contributors, sponsors and interested parties recognizing those companies which have taken an active role in developing the local and national junior golf scene. Utilizing a consistent and effective flow of information to the media, newspapers and the general public will alerted them to the new activities in and around the fundraising process of the JGAA. The media will be informed of the gratitude the JGAA has for the recent contribution each company has made to the future of junior golf in Arizona. Opportunities to address the general membership can be made at the convenience of both the contributing party and the JGAA. This could permit a contributing party the opportunity to directly market to an influential and quickly growing segment of the golfing market.


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