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Scott McNevin, JGAA Executive DIrector

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Scott McNevin, JGAA Executive DIrector

Thank you for supporting my endeavor at playing 100 holes of golf this year. As an avid golfer I recognize the lifelong opportunities available to youth through the game of golf. The Junior Golf Association of Arizona (a 501 (c)(3) non profit organization) offers many affordable opportunities for junior golfers of all ages and ability levels to participate and grow in the game of golf. Your involvement and support of this great cause is genuinely appreciated!

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Recent Sponsors

Name Date Comment
Daryl Crawford 10/14/2019
Brian Miller 9/28/2019
Jason & Mason Quagliata 9/25/2019 Good luck Scott!
Ryan Suvoy 9/25/2019 Go Ducks!!!!
J-Curve Technologies 9/24/2019
John Ranslem 9/23/2019
Cleve Lynch 9/23/2019
Mom - Linda McNevin 9/23/2019 Great job Scott!
Otis White 9/22/2019 Keep up the good work Scott! OJW
Lauren Mackin 9/22/2019 Have fun!
Scott Johnson 9/22/2019
Ellen O'Hara 9/22/2019 Hope the marathon is a huge success!!
Bob Mandeville 9/21/2019 Go Scott!
Mr. Joel empie 9/21/2019
Justin & Brandi 9/21/2019
Mr. RJ Cirell 9/21/2019 Good luck Scooter.... be sure to stretch!!
Kirk Triplett 9/21/2019
Scott Reynolds 9/21/2019
ROB MCIVER 9/20/2019 Thanks for all you do for junior golf!
Action Golf Carts 9/20/2019
Charles Shoemake 9/20/2019 Have a fun day Scott! Great organization!
Derek McKenzie 9/20/2019 Good luck!
Steve Kanner 9/20/2019
Rick Levy 9/20/2019 Good luck Scott and maybe a few aces this year!!
bt 9/20/2019 have fun...
John Gusky 9/19/2019
Mr. Charlie and Julie Lewis 9/18/2019 Always happy to support JGAA! Good luck Scott!
Mr. Frank Ellenburg 9/18/2019
Tyler Apps 9/16/2019 Good luck Scott!
Michael McWilliams 9/16/2019 “You’ve got this” Scooter
Tom Enders 9/13/2019 Go Devils! :-)
Lyman Gallup & Marilyn Reynolds 9/13/2019 100 holes, 300 strokes!
Scott McNevens 9/12/2019
Mr. Scott Van Loan 9/12/2019 Good luck Scott
Siya Khemka 9/12/2019 Good Luck.
Carl Menne 9/11/2019 Good Luck
The Kling Family 9/11/2019 Have fun, Scott! Our family appreciates all of your hard work, caring and efforts over the years!!!
Mike Sayre 9/10/2019
Mr. Bernard PROCTOR 9/10/2019 Thanks Scott for all that you do for JGAA and your continued support. The Proctor family appreciates all that you have done.
Marc Apps 9/8/2019 Go get em Scotty!!
Anthony Ramseyer 9/6/2019
Jim Anderson 9/6/2019
Mr. Greg Hall 9/5/2019
Jim Balaschak 9/5/2019 Good luck.
Barbara Byrnes 9/5/2019 Have fun!!
LEE DECOF 9/5/2019 Stay cool out there Scootter!
Dolf May 9/4/2019 Make one this year SCOOTER!
Bailee Tayles 9/4/2019 Good luck!
The Hannah Nguyen Family 9/4/2019 Thank you, Scott and JGAA team!
Charley Silcox 9/4/2019
Mr. Bob McNichols 9/4/2019
Mr. Houston Denney 9/4/2019
Tony 9/4/2019
Bill Bennett 9/4/2019 Good luck Scott. You are doing a great job.
Robin Farran 9/3/2019 Have a great Marathon!!
Reid Bozak 9/3/2019 If only I had that finish you have in your photo!! Good luck! Brayden and Reid
Ryan Klose 9/3/2019 Thanks for all your hard work!
Laura Ianello 9/3/2019 Good luck!!!
Rich Grant 9/3/2019
Mr. Dean Visser 9/3/2019 Have fun!
Sitaram Chirravuri 9/3/2019 Good Luck!
Brad Gregory 8/30/2019
Hugh Smith 8/21/2019
Scott McNevin 8/21/2019 Good Luck!