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Robin Farran, JGAA Official / AGA Official / USGA Committee Member

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Robin Farran, JGAA Official / AGA Official / USGA Committee Member

Thank you for supporting my endeavor at playing 100 holes of golf this year. As an avid golfer I recognize the lifelong opportunities available to youth through the game of golf. The Junior Golf Association of Arizona (a 501 (c)(3) non profit organization) offers many affordable opportunities for junior golfers of all ages and ability levels to participate and grow in the game of golf. Your involvement and support of this great cause is genuinely appreciated!

Recent Sponsors

Name Date Comment
Tom Walinski 11/18/2016
Mike Peluso 11/12/2016
Tom Lindberg 11/9/2016 Your situations are terrific at bringing the rules to life - well done.
Rusty Beckel 11/9/2016
Fritz Henze 11/3/2016 Terrific accomplishment for a good cause.
Cindy Reimers 11/1/2016
Scott Farran 10/31/2016 As always, great job dad!
Art Plate 10/30/2016
Kurt Faxon 10/23/2016
Joe Kane 10/21/2016
Bill Bennett 10/20/2016
Christine and Pedro Beauchamp 10/20/2016
Mr. Alan Tarter 10/17/2016 Thanks for all the great rules situations
Andrew Polansky 10/17/2016 Thanks for always being available for questions. "Golf is nothing more than protracted litigation taken place outdoors" Henry Beard
robert haslam 10/17/2016 Total donation, play hard and have fun!
Bill Perry 10/17/2016
Gary Ponzo 10/17/2016
Jeff Zieky 10/17/2016 Well done!
Tina Sanders 10/13/2016
Greg & Carol Leicht 10/10/2016 Thank you Robin for all you do!
Larry & Susan Twomey 10/7/2016 What an effort! Impressive!
Mrs. Heidi Olson 10/6/2016
Ed Ekis 10/6/2016
Reed McGregor 10/5/2016
Don Heilman 10/5/2016
Christi Dickinson 10/5/2016
Malcolm and Nancy McLachlan 10/5/2016
Doug Newell 10/3/2016
Taffie Brisley 10/2/2016 Robin, thank you for all that you do for Golf. It is greatly appreciated.
Robin Farran 10/2/2016
J W Lich 10/2/2016 Thanks for all you have done for the JGAA and Arizona Golf.
Mr. Jerry Mahanke 10/2/2016 I was sure the Old Poops could make it.
Dave 10/2/2016
supporter of jr golf 10/1/2016 you're the best Robin and such a cute caddy
Tim Hulscher 10/1/2016 have fun out there Robin! I expect you to be a scratch golfer by hole 100.
Melanie Boyles 10/1/2016 Way to go Robin!
Jan and Fayann Kikta 9/30/2016
Grover Walker 9/30/2016
Mike Sweeney 9/30/2016
Mr. Bob Malicote 9/30/2016
Walt Sartorius 9/30/2016 Thanks for all the rules work you do.
Mr. Bobby Grabstald 9/30/2016 Good luck and thanks for your Rules education and what you do for the kids. Bobby Grabstald
Liz Frem 9/30/2016
Mr. Joel Empie 9/29/2016
Julie and Rob Azevedo 9/27/2016
Debbie Dove 9/26/2016
Kent and Pat Newmark 9/25/2016
Robin Farran 9/24/2016 Great to see you at the Senior Amateur! Good luck!
Barbara Burton 9/23/2016 Wish I could join you! Thank you for all you have done for our juniors. You and Doc have been great Miss you! Barbara Burton
Laird Landon 9/23/2016
Bev Krol 9/22/2016
Cece Durbin 9/22/2016 Good Luck Robin. Thanks for all of your help over many years.
Dave Miller 9/22/2016
Jeffrey Lee 9/22/2016
Mimi Henderson 9/22/2016
Julie Lenertz 9/22/2016
raymond v knowles 9/21/2016 Thanks for all you do for golf!
Ken Kellaney 9/21/2016 No gimmes, Robin. Thanks for all that you do.
Ron Koontz 9/20/2016
Christine Giza 9/17/2016
John Gusky 9/15/2016
Shipman Frank 9/15/2016 Ok Robin & Doc, you got me ... thanks for all you have both done for the AGA & the AJGA. Some time I wish I was still back in AZ but this is not one of them! Good luck & good health
Deborah Ruf 9/14/2016 Great service to youth in the community, Robin! Thank you!
Judy and Dave Badger 9/14/2016
Mr. mark durishan 9/13/2016 appreciate all you do
Herb Weber 9/13/2016
Russ Hatfield 9/13/2016
D. Scott Davis 9/13/2016
Mr. AJ Cortez 9/12/2016 Great work Robin.
None 9/12/2016
Brian Bodker 9/11/2016
Mary Jane barnes 9/9/2016
Dick Dosek 9/8/2016 Robin, 'Cordin' to my cypherin' Doc is 66 and yore 95!?! Could that be??? Go get 'em, pal.
Phil Bridges 9/8/2016
Marion Dantzler 9/8/2016 Thanks Robin!
Bud Kenan 9/8/2016 Happy to give.
Warren Simmons 9/8/2016 Apparently Doc Graves and Robin are 85 and 76 years old, respectively. Should such ancient individuals be playing 100 holes in a single day? Good luck guys!
Freddie Faran 9/8/2016 Best of luck Dad! We love you and are so proud of you.
Jerry Stahl 9/8/2016
Zibby Tozer 9/8/2016
Doc Graves 9/8/2016 I really did caddy for Francis Ouimet!!
Mrs. Judi Lorenzen 9/8/2016
Lyman Gallup & Marilyn Reynolds 9/7/2016 Junior golf is good!!
Bill McAuliffe 9/7/2016
Bill Benjamin 9/6/2016
Sis Singletary 9/6/2016
Rick Greenleaf 9/6/2016
Mr. Ralph Warrington 9/6/2016
Al Bolty 9/5/2016
Janet Reiner 9/4/2016
Bill Bennett 9/3/2016 Always a pleasure to support Robin and such a deserving organization.
Ron Blythe 9/3/2016
Carol and Paul Condit 9/3/2016
Dr. Wally Schmuck 9/3/2016
Tom Cooney 8/30/2016
Philip Mahoney 8/30/2016 Thanks for your tireless effort and for encouraging others to follow your lead.
Tom Fitzgerald 8/29/2016 Thanks for all your help
paul pohl 8/29/2016
Greg Dunn 8/29/2016
Lou Ruf 8/28/2016
Ron Norman 8/28/2016
Sherry Corsello 8/28/2016
Nancy Rees 8/27/2016
Shawn Hoffman 8/27/2016
Bill Nickerson 8/27/2016
John McMurdy 8/27/2016
Harlene Hardt 8/27/2016
Ed Elsner 8/26/2016 Best of luck Robin! keep up the good work!
Steve Dallas 8/26/2016 8/25/2016 Listen to your Caddy! Thanks for all your good work Robin.
cyrus whitney 8/25/2016 Thanks for all your hard work!!!
John and Sheri Erskine 8/24/2016
Barb Byrnes 8/24/2016
Bob Planansky 8/24/2016 Love supporting junior golf.
Derrel Curry 8/24/2016
Mike McCall 8/24/2016
Debbie Bizal 8/23/2016 Have fun playing all of those holes⛳️... May all of your putts drop in
Mickey Zarra 8/23/2016
Skip Gist 8/23/2016
Ellen o'Hara 8/23/2016 Thanks for being a great supporter of the JGAA. Good luck!
J. Thomas Perambo 8/23/2016 Thank you for all of the rules quizzes. Good luck in your endeavor!
Clark Swartz 8/23/2016 Have a great time.
Charley Silcox 8/23/2016 Thanks for all you do.
Cleve Lynch 8/20/2016
Phil Gray 8/20/2016 Thanks for all your help.
Louise and Dave Allard 8/19/2016
Annette Reynolds 8/19/2016
Steve Levine 8/19/2016
Rich Dixon 8/19/2016
John Ranslem 8/19/2016
Bill Homeyer 8/19/2016
Mr. Brad Gregory 8/18/2016
Mr. Michael Ruane 8/16/2016
Shirley Blunt 8/15/2016
Pat Kaufman 8/15/2016 A pleasure to support you in this fundraiser. Thanks for all you do for golf!
Johnny 8/13/2016 It's a privilege to donate to such a worthy cause. Please take care, my friend.
Dave and Louise Allard 8/12/2016
Mr. Paul McAuliffe 8/12/2016 Thanks to all Robin's efforts to improve rules education
Sandra Hinzmann 8/9/2016
Mr. Richard Beckman 8/9/2016
Ede Rice 8/9/2016 Great work Robin - thanks for all you do!
John Brechin 8/8/2016
Mrs. Mindy Zamzow 8/8/2016
Mr. Jim Anderson 8/8/2016
Robin Farran and Mary Gallahan 8/6/2016