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John Gunby, PGA, Antelope Hills Golf Course

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John Gunby, PGA, Antelope Hills Golf Course

I am asking for your assistance with supporting my endeavor at playing 100 holes of golf this year for the JGAA (Junior Golf Association of Arizona). On September 22nd, I will be whacking my way around Mountain Shadows Golf Club (where I began my golf professional career over 40 years ago) playing 100 holes to raise money for the JGAA.

Twenty percent (20%) of what I raise for the JGAA through this marathon will come back to Antelope Hills GC, located in Prescott, AZ, to offer financial assistance to area juniors who may not be able to afford to play golf or acquire acceptable golf equipment or participate in golf programs.

BTW (By The Way) - I will have at least 4 General Admission Tickets to the Charles Schwab Cup Championship for each donor! It is scheduled for November 7-10, 2019 at Phoenix Country Club.

Plus, I have a PING Limited Edition Camo Cart Bag that will raffled off for my supporters. For every $50.00 donated to my cause, that person will receive 1 Raffle Ticket. Other raffle prizes, such as rounds of golf, may also be available to my donors.

As avid golfers, you and I recognize the lifelong opportunities available to youth through the game of golf. The Junior Golf Association of Arizona (a 501 (c)(3) non profit organization) offers many affordable opportunities for junior golfers of all ages and ability levels to participate and grow in the game of golf.

Thank you for caring about the future of golf and keeping the integrity of the game through programs offered locally and through the JGAA.

Thank you so much!

John Gunby, PGA
*Coach*Mentor*Instructor* 602-628-4243
G-O-L-F: Great Opportunities, Lifetime Friends
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Recent Sponsors

Name Date Comment
Bob n Jean 10/4/2019
Mr. Chris/Linda Vieser 9/27/2019 Thanks for being a great coach!
Fran & Sheila 9/25/2019 Thanks for everything you do John. You are an amazing person and we are fortunate to have you as a friend.
Mr. John Stonecipher 9/24/2019 Thanks for all you do for kids including my grandson
Ms. Martha Faibisoff 9/24/2019
Mr. Martin Boxer 9/24/2019
Gib McIntosh 9/23/2019 Sorry I'm a little late, John, but hope this helps!
Suzanne Delaney and Brad Hayman 9/22/2019 Go John!!!! Can I get a lesson at 7am tomorrow? Just kidding! You better rest up after!!
Larry & Martha Knief 9/22/2019 We are happy for you and another successful year!
Bob Nicolau 9/22/2019
Karlee Molster 9/22/2019 From an awesome Jr Golfer
Lee Molster 9/22/2019
Mrs. CLAUDIA MINER 9/21/2019
Kirk Triplett 9/21/2019
Jay Larscheid 9/21/2019
JD 9/20/2019 Thanks for growing the game Gunner.
The Lewises 9/20/2019 Thanks for all you do for the boys. Good luck out there!
John Gunby 9/20/2019
Joe McDermott 9/19/2019 I know you still can do it. Hope this @50.00 helps.
Mr. Marv Kaiser 9/19/2019
Harvey Lieske 9/19/2019 Go John
Bruce Gebhardt 9/19/2019 Great cause, John. Thanks for inviting me to be part of it.
Tony Hamer 9/19/2019 Great leadership - by Palmer! Thanks for all you do John.
Spyder 9/19/2019 Go John go....
Dave & Janice Ziemba 9/19/2019 You go Gunner! Before you know it we'll be donating $$ per year of your age! Happy to be a small part of your great work for the organization that provided us with such great opportunity so many years ago.
Bruce Hershman 9/19/2019 Go Gunner!!
Kenneth J Munson 9/19/2019 You're Still #2 buddy!!
Janl white 9/18/2019 Go John!
Rob schwerd 9/17/2019
Mr. Timothy Campbell 9/17/2019 John, Thanks for your commitment to JGAA! Tim and Sara
Mrs. Kathryn Hilliard 9/16/2019
FRANCINE PETRUCCI 9/16/2019 Way to go John!
Dr. Steve Cantor 9/16/2019
Brian Viola 9/16/2019 Rosie and I commend you for giving back to the community. You inspire all of us John.
Linda 9/15/2019 keep Palmer "on the bag"
robert white 9/14/2019
America's Golfing Couple 9/14/2019 Go Gunner!
Larry LeBeau 9/13/2019 Good luck, hope its not too hot
David Hackathorn 9/13/2019 Keep doing what you are doing. It makes a difference.
Mr. Paul Mazade 9/13/2019 Thanks for all you do
Mr. Scott Van Loan 9/12/2019 Good luck John
Linda and Richard 9/12/2019 Love supporting you and your kids!
Jim Mattison 9/12/2019
Michael Samuels 9/11/2019
ANTIGUA-RON MCPHERSON 9/11/2019 You and Palmer have yourselves some BIG fun!
Hank 9/10/2019 Go get em Gunner.
Geoff and Dawn 9/10/2019 Thanks for enriching so many lives
The Proctor Family 9/10/2019 Glad to hear from you. We are always pleased to support you and JGAA. Have fun. We miss you.
Ernie and Sue 9/10/2019
Boylan Family 9/10/2019
Jim 9/10/2019 Keep it up John
Nick & Elke 9/10/2019
Mr. Steve Bzdok 9/10/2019
Jerry D Cunningham 9/10/2019 Thanks for all your work on this
DB 9/10/2019 Have fun and let Palmer putt for you
Phil Ertl 9/10/2019 Gunner, you are the best. Have fun.
Jim Check 9/10/2019
Sandy Balkan 9/8/2019
LYNNE Z DRESSEN 9/7/2019 You are the best.
Robin Farran 9/3/2019 Palmer can read putts for you, John!!
Charles Bomberger 9/1/2019
Terry W Anderson 8/28/2019 Good luck gunner! Stay hydrated!
Donald Augelli 8/28/2019 Have Fun & Thank you!!
David Potthast 8/26/2019
Don Rea, PGA 8/26/2019 Way to go Gunner! Love what you do, how you do and most importantly why you do it. God bless my friend!
Connie & Mac 8/26/2019 Have fun and keep cool!
RD 8/26/2019
Ken Christopherson 8/26/2019
Friend 8/26/2019