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Joe Worden, JGAA Parent and Board Member

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Joe Worden, JGAA Parent and Board Member

On October 3rd, the JGAA will host its 14th Annual 100-Hole Golf Marathon to raise funds for the operations of the JGAA. I committed to joining a few of the folks to help the effort for two reasons: (1) I believe the JGAA is on a great path for our young people, creating leaders through the game of golf, and (2) The organization is rallying to help one of its own – Cam Sandland – and I want to be a part of that.

The short version is Cam is a member of the JGAA, a terrific student, an aspiring golfer and a mentor to younger kids. He has a rare affliction in his eye that could result in blindness and the procedure to correct it is not covered by insurance.

Funds raised in excess of the procedure will be donated to the Junior Golf Foundation, with the goal of helping other junior golfers in need.

Thank you for your contribution and your support.

Joe Worden

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Gregg Tryhus 10/8/2015
Tim O'Keefe 10/1/2015
Mr. Andrew Medley 10/1/2015
Mr. Joe Sposi 9/30/2015
Vince Palladino 9/30/2015
John Bracken 9/30/2015 Great cause Joe!
Mr. Brad Bedortha 9/30/2015
Ken Tanigawa 9/30/2015
Denny & Julie Pelle 9/30/2015 Awesome! Stay Strong Cam... Hope to play golf with you soon!
Mr. scott lavinia 9/30/2015 Great cause!
Mr. Michael OHara 9/30/2015
George and Dyan Getz 9/30/2015 Nice work Joe!
Chris Quiett 9/30/2015
Chance Holmes 9/30/2015 Thanks Joe! Great work!
mario tiziani 9/30/2015
Derek Anderson 9/30/2015
Mr. Pmac 9/30/2015
Mr. Luke Helms 9/30/2015 You are GREAT! Gail and I are in!
Ricky barnes 9/30/2015
Mr. Tony Bagneschi 9/30/2015 Happy to help the cause JW. Very nice of you.
Ralph Bohrer 9/30/2015 Good Luck Joe!
Chris & Kristan Stutts 9/30/2015 Joe, very cool and a great cause, Aloha.
Mr. James Stowitts 9/29/2015
Chez & Amanda Reavie 9/29/2015 Awesome Joe.
Dave Kelly 9/29/2015 classy move Joe!
Mr. Randall Porter 9/28/2015 good luck
Jeffery Passage 9/24/2015
Jim Jones, Jr. 9/24/2015 Hope it goes well.
Mr. Eddie Fadel 9/22/2015
Rusty & Alyson Kennedy 9/22/2015 Good luck, Joe. Great cause.
Jeffrey pope 9/22/2015
Chuck Inderieden 9/21/2015 Best of Luck!
Mr. vince chapman 9/21/2015 Keep up the good work Joe. Anne and Vince
... 9/19/2015
June Johnson 9/19/2015 I hope Cam gets the help needed to correct his eye condition.
PP 9/19/2015 Thanks for posting Martin Chuck
Travis Hair 9/18/2015 Anytime Joe. Great clause
Mrs. Leila Hürlimann 9/18/2015
Teresa Dunaway 9/18/2015
Jon Metcalf 9/18/2015
Mike Cocanour 9/18/2015 Best to Cam and enjoy the 100 holes!
Todd Martin 9/17/2015 Go get em' Joe. Great cause.
Mark Briggs 9/17/2015
Peter Q. Thompson 9/17/2015
Mr. Bryce Molder 9/17/2015
Joe Worden 9/17/2015