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Jock Holliman, JGAA Foundation Board Member

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Jock Holliman, JGAA Foundation Board Member

Thank you for supporting my endeavor at playing 100 holes of golf this year. As an avid golfer I recognize the lifelong opportunities available to youth through the game of golf.

The Junior Golf Association of Arizona (a 501 (c)(3) non profit organization) offers many affordable opportunities for junior golfers of all ages and ability levels to participate and grow in the game of golf. Your involvement and support of this great cause is genuinely appreciated!

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Recent Sponsors

Name Date Comment
Dave and Kim King 10/1/2019
Doug Parker 9/27/2019 Good luck Jocko!
Daniel A Madison 9/23/2019
Bruce Hart 9/23/2019
Tyler and Kendall Chester 9/21/2019
ANTIGUA-RON MCPHERSON 9/21/2019 Just keep swinging.....just keep swinging.....
Jim Orders 9/21/2019
Del Cochran 9/21/2019
Kevin Kopp 9/21/2019 Hit 'em straight Jocko!!
Mr. Gregg Tryhus 9/20/2019 Don’t hurt yourself old man
PATRICK MCGINLEY 9/20/2019 Hydrate and make a couple aces! Thanks Jocko for doing this!!
John Smeck 9/20/2019 Go get 'em Jocko.
Omar Alvarez 9/20/2019
michael donley 9/20/2019
Alex Clark 9/20/2019 Quiet Please - Quiet Please - Jocko on the Tee!!!
David Rauch 9/20/2019
Scott Jackson 9/20/2019 Jocko, Give me 10 birdies! Great Job
Mark Hester 9/20/2019 Go Jocko Go!
Warner Gabel 9/20/2019
Turbow 9/20/2019
Timothy Louis 9/20/2019 Have fun Jocko!
kris kober 9/20/2019
Michael Polachek 9/20/2019 Good luck Jocko, hydrate!
Chris Stamets 9/20/2019
Ed Grant 9/20/2019 Have fun pal!
Phil Neri 9/20/2019
Coz 9/20/2019
Mr. John Bridger 9/20/2019
Michael Reardon 9/20/2019
Chad Clark 9/20/2019
Edwin H Grant 9/20/2019
Mr. Brian Stoll 9/20/2019