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Freeman Theriault, Junior Golf Advisory Member

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Freeman Theriault, Junior Golf Advisory Member

Thank you for supporting my endeavor at playing 100 holes of golf this year. As an avid golfer I recognize the lifelong opportunities available to youth through the game of golf. The Junior Golf Association of Arizona (a 501 (c)(3) non profit organization) offers many affordable opportunities for junior golfers of all ages and ability levels to participate and grow in the game of golf. Your involvement and support of this great cause is genuinely appreciated!

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Name Date Comment
Dave and Kenta Heath 10/11/2019
Stephen Williams 10/10/2019
Bernard & Jody 10/10/2019
Bryan W 10/10/2019
Scott Bohall 10/10/2019
Art Desaultels 10/10/2019
Scott Pasmore 9/24/2019
Freeman Theriault 9/21/2019 Proud to be a participant for JGAA
Scott Macpherson 9/21/2019 Go get ‘em bud. Wish it could be more.
Rich Elliott 9/21/2019 Your energy for the program is inspiring to us all! Have a good game ......
MICHAEL P KUNDE 9/20/2019 hit em quick
Arizona Equipment Co. 9/20/2019 wishing you and the association all the best!
Brian Burkard aka Lot Lizzard 9/20/2019 Good luck buddy! Thanks for helping a great cause and thanks for all you do. You're the best...Love ya! Your Lot Lizzard
Jeff Moore 9/17/2019 Love you, Freeman. Have fun.
Mike Clinkingbeard 9/16/2019 Geterdone, Good luck buddy!!! Thanks for all you for this organization and others!
Barry Caraway 9/15/2019 Go Freeman! Glad to help you.
Carol Vaiana-Menkhus 9/15/2019 Good luck Freeman!
America's Golfing Couple 9/14/2019 Go Freeman!
George Cravens 9/14/2019 Freeman, Thanks for all you do for JGAA!
Collin 9/14/2019 Great Job and Good Luck Freeman
Richard Bren 9/14/2019 Proud of you Freemen!
Mr. Scott Van Loan 9/12/2019 Good luck Freeman
Ms. Dawn Sylvester 9/11/2019 Best of luck on this endeavor -- sounds like such a fun event for all. This is from Charlie as well, of course. Enjoy the day!
Mr. Neal Dauphin 9/11/2019 Freeman Wish you the best this year. Hopefully the weather will be cooler. Hit them straight and keep your head down Neal
Coye Pointer 9/10/2019 Good Luck! Thanks for all you do for the kids!
John and Mary Wren 9/10/2019 Good Luck Freeman!!
Mrs. Patricia Donoghue 9/9/2019 Play well Freeman!
Ray Fay Jr 9/6/2019 Way To Go Freeman, Git it done!
Hurley Trucking 9/6/2019
Mr. Fritz Ruegsegger 9/6/2019
Marc & Cindy Silliman 9/6/2019 Golf on Freeman! Play like the wind and enjoy the day with Gunner.
Brent Naylor 9/5/2019
Rodney Groen 9/5/2019 Go get'm Freeman, I know you can do it!!!
Mr. Thomas Harris 9/5/2019
Chris and Catherine Bergeron 9/5/2019 Good Luck Freeman!
Freeman Theriault 9/5/2019 Freeman is a exemplary spokesman and advocate for this deserving organization. He is an inspiration to us all... Thanks Free, for all of this, keep swinging and rock on! pbb
Dennis Compton 9/4/2019 Appreciate your commitment to this great cause. Good luck on your 100 holes, my friend!
Richard Hansen 9/4/2019 Enjoy the day, it’s for a great cause.
Kevin P. Knight 9/4/2019
Mr. HAROLD MERKEL 9/3/2019 Good luck Freeman!
Douglas Busch 9/3/2019 Junior Golf is one of the best tools to get kids exposed to the hard to learn skills of honesty and integrity - and build character!
M H Jimenez 9/3/2019 It is a pleasure to participate in your efforts to support the JGAA.
Mr. Steve and Louise Renneckar 9/3/2019 Freeman, We are honored to support your efforts to help the JGAA.
tom sneva 9/2/2019
Harry Dunham 8/31/2019 Freeman, thanks for your continued support of Jumior Golf. My daughter played with Phoenix Girls golf for many years and loved the experience. they were awesome! I will be out to play a $20 nassau against you on your last 18 holes!
Bill Pitts 8/31/2019
Terry Ray 8/31/2019 We sure hope you don’t need a wheelchair to get through this!
Mr. Rick Duncan 8/31/2019
Freeman Theriault 8/29/2019 I am so proud to donate to such a great cause Junior Golf! Thank you Freeman for everything you do for our children and the game of Golf!!
Mr. Andy Pitts 8/29/2019 Freeman, You're awesome! Thanks for what you do. Tear it up and drink a bunch of water.
Roger Vasa 8/28/2019 Freeman does many wonderful things for Junior Golf and other organizations He takes the time and effort to give back to the benefit of many kids in our community. I am proud to call him my friend. Hit 'em straight and long Free!
Rich Popham 8/28/2019 Have an enjoyable day - remember to keep you head down
Freeman Therieault 8/26/2019 Freeman's dedication to Junior Golf is amazing. His love of golf has no limits. Great friend.
Mr. Mitch Sivertson 8/26/2019 Freeman - You are such a great advocate for kids...and golf!!
Freeman Theriault 8/26/2019 Hit ‘em straight my Friend
Dale Jensen 8/26/2019 Freeman - Thank you are helping educate kids on how to 'live their lives' through the lessons they will learn from the game golf.
Bob Patrick 8/26/2019 Best of luck
Jeff 8/24/2019 Go get em, Freeman.