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Frank Calvin, PGA, Southwest Section PGA

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Frank Calvin, PGA, Southwest Section PGA

This great cause will take every golf ball I own and a Costco sized bottle of ibuprofen, but it's more than worth it!

The Junior Golf Association of Arizona (a 501 (c)(3) non profit organization) offers many affordable opportunities for junior golfers of all ages and ability levels to participate and grow in the game of golf. With your support we can continue to offer playing opportunities for present and future junior golfers.

Your involvement and support of this great cause is greatly appreciated!

Recent Sponsors

Name Date Amout Comment
Mark Croft 2/9/2012 $100.00
Sean Ferris 12/4/2011 $25.00
Dr. Chuck McDevitt 12/2/2011 $100.00 Your consistent enthusiasm and commitment to the welfare of junior golfers is clearly evident in your hard work.
Drew Fockler 12/2/2011 $25.00 Thanks for everything you do for Jr Golf Frank!!
Mr. Brian Hardy 11/30/2011 $100.00
Estevez Family 11/30/2011 $25.00 Frank,Thanks for all you do for junior golf. Have fun on Saturday and stay dry! Best of luck!
Mr. richard colonel 11/30/2011 $50.00
Greg & Carol Leicht 11/30/2011 $100.00 Junior golf is in good hands with you.
Mr. Curt Hudek 11/18/2011 $100.00 "Shank You" very much for supporting Junior Golf!
SunRidge Canyon Golf Club 11/16/2011 $100.00