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Don Amos, B. J. Cecil Trucking Inc.

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Don Amos, B. J. Cecil Trucking Inc.

Thank you for supporting my endeavor at playing 100 holes of golf on Sept. 21th, 2013. As an avid golfer I recognize the lifelong opportunities available to youth through the game of golf. The Junior Golf Association of Arizona (a 501 (c)(3) non profit organization) offers many affordable opportunities for junior golfers of all ages and ability levels to participate and grow in the game of golf. Your involvement and support of this great cause is genuinely appreciated! please help me support this great cause any way you can. The young people that are involved in this organization are unbelievable. We need to get more young people involved and you can help us do that.

Recent Sponsors

Name Date Amout Comment
Don 9/20/2013 $100.00
Ron Nielson 8/23/2013 $250.00 Uncle Don- I know how hard this is going to be for golf ALL day...but you are the man for the job.
Damon Fisbeck 8/22/2013 $50.00 Donnie, Have fun! Expect your score will be an even 400.
SA Services, LLC 8/22/2013 $200.00
Sydney Hay 8/21/2013 $50.00 Good luck! I don't think you are supposed to say "Break a Leg!" when it is a sporting event! Happy to be a part of a good cause.
JOE WILHELM 8/21/2013 $50.00 Pace yourself oldtimer
Pam Russ 8/21/2013 $100.00 Good luck and thank you for allowing us to be a part of this.
The Jack Olsta Co 8/21/2013 $250.00