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Scott McNevin, JGAA Executive DIrector

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Scott McNevin, JGAA Executive DIrector

Thank you for supporting my endeavor at playing 100 holes of golf this year. As an avid golfer I recognize the lifelong opportunities available to youth through the game of golf. The Junior Golf Association of Arizona (a 501 (c)(3) non profit organization) offers many affordable opportunities for junior golfers of all ages and ability levels to participate and grow in the game of golf. Your involvement and support of this great cause is genuinely appreciated!

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Recent Sponsors

Name Date Comment
Frank Ellenburg 10/4/2018
Drew Woods 9/27/2018
Harold Fields 9/26/2018
Cleve Lynch 9/26/2018
Betty Smith 9/21/2018
Ben Lorenz 9/18/2018 Better late than never. Thank for all you do for AZ Junior Golf Scott!!
Robin Farran 9/17/2018
Mr. William Bennett 9/17/2018 Scotter, Sorry I am late but I want to help. Bill
Mr. Keith Goyen 9/17/2018
Hank Goodman & Lisa Goodman 9/15/2018 Best of luck!!!!
Mr. Charlie and Julie Lewis 9/14/2018
Scott McNevin 9/14/2018 Have a great event for a great cause!
cyrus whitney 9/14/2018 putt them out scooter !!!
Mom 9/14/2018 Congrats on your 100 hole marathon fundraiser! Proud of all the work you do for the kids, and to grow golf!
John Gusky 9/14/2018 Have fun.
Lyman Gallup 9/14/2018 Play 100 when it is 100 but don't shoot 100
Roger Waterer 9/14/2018 Play well Scott
Mr. Michael McWilliams 9/13/2018
Derek McKenzie 9/12/2018 Have fun!
Heath corey 9/12/2018
Tony Forte 9/12/2018
Mr. Rick Levy 9/12/2018 Good luck Scott! We are so proud of all your efforts!
Southwest PGA 9/11/2018 Good luck Scott!!
Scott Johnson 9/11/2018
Tom Enders 9/10/2018
J-Curve Technologies 9/10/2018
JDM Golf 9/10/2018 Good luck!
Janet Caldarelli 9/10/2018 Thanks for all you do for junior golf!
Ellen O’Hara 9/9/2018 Thanks for being a great leader!
Marc Apps 9/9/2018 Go get em Scott!
Carl Menne 9/9/2018 Don't forget to practice
JOE FAN 9/8/2018
Greg Ellis 9/8/2018 Have fun. Play Hard.
Jim Anderson 9/7/2018
Lee Decof 9/7/2018 Want to hear that you "hooked" one shot. Just one Scooter. Keep up the good work!
Steve Kanner 9/7/2018 Stay cool!
Mr. John Reis 9/7/2018
Mr. Brad Gregory 9/7/2018 Best of luck Scott!
Dolf May 9/7/2018 Make one Scooter!
Charley 9/7/2018 Stay hydrated!
Chad Evans 9/7/2018 You're the best Scott!
Tony Hendricks 9/7/2018 Scott thanks for all you do for us. We have had so much fun with you over the years!
Coach Greg 8/30/2018 Scott, I expect at least 5 birdies in that 100 holes. LOL
brooks 8/29/2018 Thanks for all you do.... and know that the 'new' swing will make it much easier this year.
Hugh Smith 8/21/2018 Sorry I'll miss the JGAA Marathon this year but I will think of you all during the Hundred Hole Hike with Youth on Course. All the best!
Sitaram Chirravuri 8/17/2018 Good luck!
Mr. Bob Mandeville 8/17/2018 Scott - Always glad to help the JGAA. Sorry we missed you at Forest Highlands this year - see you next time. Bob Mandeville
Proctor Family 8/15/2018 Thank you Scott for all your support.
Mr. Scott Van Loan 8/15/2018 Good luck with Event.
Scott Reynolds 8/3/2018 Good Luck Scott. Hope you get a hole in one!
Kirk Triplett 7/31/2018
Scott McNevin 7/20/2018 Good Luck! Many Birdies!