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John Gunby, PGA, Antelope Hills Golf Course

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John Gunby, PGA, Antelope Hills Golf Course

Thank you for supporting my endeavor at playing 100 holes of golf this year for the JGAA (Junior Golf Association of Arizona).

Twenty percent (20%) of what I raise for the JGAA through this marathon will come back to Antelope Hills GC, located in Prescott, AZ, to offer financial assistance to area juniors who may not be able to afford to play golf or acquire acceptable golf equipment. The emphasis of our junior programs at Antelope Hills is for our juniors to always play golf in a fast, safe and courteous manner (FUNdamental Golf) and to be models for adults, influencing the adults to also play in a fast, safe and courteous manner.

As an avid golfer I recognize the lifelong opportunities available to youth through the game of golf. The Junior Golf Association of Arizona (a 501 (c)(3) non profit organization) offers many affordable opportunities for junior golfers of all ages and ability levels to participate and grow in the game of golf.

Thank you for caring about the future of golf and keeping the integrity of the game through programs such as FUNdamental Golf and the JGAA.

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Name Date Comment
Paul n Barb 9/17/2018 You're the greatest and much appreciated
Robin Farran 9/17/2018
Robert Graves 9/17/2018
Lewis Boys 9/15/2018 Thanks for all of your support throughout the years! Looking forward to many more.
Mr. Charlie and Julie Lewis 9/15/2018
Don Sedan 9/14/2018 Great idea John. . . .we've got to get the kids playing!
Mr. Stephen Gertsch 9/13/2018 WOW!!! You can still play that many holes at your age. Well done! Wear a Hat & get a free bowl of soup!!!
Dave & Jeanne Fletcher 9/13/2018
Mr. Steve Bzdok 9/5/2018
Dave & Janice Ziemba 9/5/2018 Have fun Gunner! We know you will! ... thanks for helping AZ Junior Golf!
William & Sara Ware 9/4/2018
Larry leBeau 9/4/2018 Good luck
Peter and Alicia 9/4/2018 Keep up all the great work, John! Great Opportunities; Lifelong Friends!
Ms. Karen and Don REILLY 9/4/2018 Go get em Gunner!
Ed & Katie Patterson 9/4/2018 Thanks for all the great work you do for our juniors. Have fun!
John Mckown 8/31/2018 Good Luck and thx for helping the youth!!
FUP 8/31/2018 just do it
Mr. Roger & Kathleen Andres 8/31/2018 John, you are the best.
Mr. Ken Christopherson 8/31/2018
Dan Keeley 8/31/2018 Go get ‘em John!
Terry Kots 8/27/2018 Go get it done Gunner!
Robert P White 8/27/2018 GO BIG GUY!!
Jerry D Cunningham 8/27/2018
Mr. Jim Jordan 8/24/2018
Mike Samuels 8/23/2018 John: Thanks for all your efforts for the kids.
Mr. Larry Knief 8/22/2018 John I have 10 dozen golf balls collected in my back yard[4th hole MS] to give you for the kids.I only save the ones that are perfect.
Gib McIntosh 8/22/2018 I think this is a most worthy endeavor. Good luck John!
Annette 8/22/2018 Thank you for supporting today's youth!
Mr. Robert Myers 8/22/2018 Thank you for all you do, Kids are Awesome !
The Perv 8/22/2018 Thanks Gunner for all you do for the kids and those with disabilities.
Linda & Peter Koteas 8/22/2018 We're pleased to see AHGC is receiving 20% of the net proceeds! Your commitment to JGAA is admirable.
Ray and Lovilla Issacs 8/18/2018 From special friends at a special golf course
Mike McGilvray 8/16/2018 Strap it on and go for one hundred holes.
Proctor Family 8/15/2018 Thank You for all of your support for our family and all of the Juniors.
Mr. Scott Van Loan 8/15/2018 Good luck John
Bob n Jean 8/14/2018
Hosler Wealth Management 8/14/2018 Good luck, John! We appreciate all you do for youth golfers and our community! We know they are in great hands. Bruce & Laura Hosler
David Hackathorn 8/13/2018 Good luck and play well!
Alice and Danny Scott 8/13/2018 Thanks for all you do for the kids.
Ms. Ann Hohisel 8/12/2018
Lori and Ed Gaucher 8/12/2018 We are proud to support you in such a worthwhile cause. Enjoy!
william ortiz 8/11/2018 Thank you John. Patti and William Ortiz
None 8/11/2018 Thank you for doing this for the kids
John & Paula Berglund 8/10/2018 congratulations on another great cause
Mr. Wayne & Diana Guthrie 8/9/2018 Thank you for all you do. You and Palmer go have 100 holes of fun.
James Mattison 8/9/2018 Go John!
Ernie and Sue Elliott 8/8/2018 Thanks for all the good work
Hank Gardner 8/7/2018 Good luck Gunner!
Fran Petrucci 8/7/2018 Keep swinging
Jeff Argotsinger 8/7/2018
Harvey 8/7/2018 Putt well
Dave and Jill Elliott 8/6/2018 Hit-m str8 Gunner!!!
Prescott Smile Care 8/6/2018 Thanks for all you do for the community. Have a blast golfing.
Connie & Mac 8/6/2018 Thanks for all you do!!
Linda & Richard Eason 8/5/2018 Have fun John and thanks for all you do!
Mr. Charlie Bomberger 8/5/2018 Go get’em Gunner & Palmer!
Tony Hamer 8/4/2018
Mr. Dan Olsen 8/4/2018
Vincent M. Carter 8/3/2018 Go for it
Claudia & Rusty 8/3/2018 Thanks for all you do, John!
Keith Z 8/3/2018 John, good luck and thanks for all you do for the CAA!
Jim Gunby 8/3/2018
Ed Gowan 8/3/2018
Katie Ertl 8/3/2018 Uncle John, thank you for doing so much to help. You are a true giver.
Mr. Bob Caroli 8/3/2018
Mr. Jim Check 8/3/2018
Rick and Lois Schliepsiek 8/2/2018 Keep it fun(amental)
Mr. Ken Christopherson 8/2/2018
Brian & Stephanie Wirick 8/2/2018 Go John!
Tim & Sara 8/2/2018 John, glad to support this worthy endeavor again. Thanks for making this happen.
Ron Lavoie 8/1/2018 John, Amazing, at your age!
Marv kaiser 7/31/2018
Kirk Triplett 7/31/2018
John Eugene Davis 7/30/2018 Go for it Gunner!
Don Rea, PGA 7/30/2018 Thanks for all you do Gunner!
Jim & Judy Olsen 7/30/2018 Keep up your great work.
Geoff & Dawn 7/29/2018 Thanks for enriching so many lives
DOC 7/29/2018 great dogs good golf
Perry Huyck 7/29/2018 Who Let the Dogs Out?
Mr. Richard Dressen 7/29/2018 Have “FUN “
David Potthast 7/29/2018
Nick&Elke 7/28/2018 Fairways and greens!
Pam and Chuck 7/28/2018
Boylan Family 7/27/2018
ANTIGUA-RON MCPHERSON 7/27/2018 Enjoy lots of water and swing hard! You're the Best!
Ralph & Maizelle Warrington 7/27/2018 John, 40 years of being THE best.
Mr. Ralph Guest 7/27/2018