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Jeff Reich, JGAA Advisory Committee

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Jeff Reich, JGAA Advisory Committee

Remaining connected to the game of Golf is important to me. Having the opportunity to give back to the game and insure programs exist to foster the growth of the game through Juniors is fantastic! This effort is important for the continued fiscal health and operations of the Junior Golf Association of Arizona - plus is FUN! Join me please as either a participant or sponsor. Your involvement and support is genuinely appreciated!

Recent Sponsors

Name Date Comment
The Monson Family 12/8/2011 Looking forward to our boys JGAA participation!
Mr. Michael Zachrich 12/3/2011
Tom Popa 12/2/2011 Thanks for what you do for junior golf.
Roger Lindquist 11/30/2011 Hat's off to my friends John Gunby and Jeff Reich for their incredible commitment to junior golf in Arizona. You guys have always been like father figures to me... Roger Lindquist
Mr. Tom Couples 11/30/2011
Jerry Wilson 11/30/2011 The JGAA has meant the world to my son!
Steve Usecek 11/30/2011 Proud of your efforts!
TOM O. 11/29/2011 Good luck Jeff! Don't forget the bengay!
Deems 11/29/2011 Good Luck Jeff! Thanks for your efforts! d
Mr. Bob Rice 11/29/2011 Thanks Jeff!
Randy Studer 11/29/2011 Happy to contribute!
Ken Martin 11/28/2011 Strength and accuracy to you Cuz!
Bruce & Lynn McNee 11/24/2011 Jeff, thanks for all that you do for Junior Golf.
Mr. Gary Forney 11/22/2011 Thanks Jeff, Play well.
Chuck Reich 11/19/2011
James Reich 11/19/2011 What a wonderful game to be enjoyed all of our lives. Thanks for furthering the interest in our youth and your efforts.
Mr. Allen Jones 11/18/2011 Go get 'em Jeff!
Mountain Brook Golf Club 11/17/2011 Happy to support!
Shelley Reich 11/10/2011 For Jeff's desire to grow the game!
Aleene Helvey 11/3/2011 Proud to support your effort!
Mark & Dar Beranek 10/28/2011 You are a good man!
Charles Lanci 10/13/2011 Hope to see you on the 3rd! Good Luck!
Rebecca & Gail 10/12/2011 Here's to Jeff's giving back of his talents for The Junior's game!
Brent Martin 9/12/2011
Jeff & Shelley 8/18/2011 Having raised children who have participated in youth sports and now with grandchildren approaching the age to participate we strongly believe in the value of organizations such as the JGAA and are committed to support this cause.