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Scott McNevin, JGAA Executive DIrector

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Scott McNevin, JGAA Executive DIrector

On December 3rd I will set out to play 100 holes of golf, all in the support of the Junior Golf Association of Arizona. Golf is a great game, and has many benefits for the youth here in Arizona.

At the JGAA, many of our great programs and affordable playing opportunities are made possible by our large fundraising effort with the 100-hole golf marathon.

Now on staff with the JGAA, I realize that the great game of golf not only shapes the lives of kids on the course, but also provides the neccessary means for juniors to be productive citizens in whatever they decide to do off the course and in their future endeavors.

I am asking you to help support me and the JGAA in this great cause. Without your help, I will not be able to reach my goal of raising $10,000.

Many of you are probably asking, Who's your Caddy? I will have the assistance of Dennis Walsh on my bag, and because of him I will lose no golf balls and only carry 14 clubs.

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Name Date Comment
Steve Dallas 1/13/2012
Jay Anderson 12/15/2011
Brian Foster 12/13/2011
Cleve Lynch 12/9/2011
Donna Stapleton 12/3/2011
Mrs. Margaret Olson 12/3/2011 Good Luck, Scott, and have fun!
Mr. Don Bennett 12/2/2011 Good luck from the old jib-jab man.
John Dolan - AJGA 12/2/2011 Go Scooter!
Hugh Pryor 12/1/2011 Go get 'em Scoot
Steve Groeneveld 11/30/2011
Tony 11/29/2011
Rick Levy 11/29/2011
Darren Nelson 11/29/2011 Good luck Scooter!
Sean Riley 11/28/2011
Frank Ellenburg 11/28/2011
Clark Swartz 11/18/2011
Mr. patrick ingham 11/18/2011 JGAA is a great way for young people to develop a love of the game , and other important qualities. Respect- honesty- team work. rgds Patrick Ingham
"Mr. Stick" 11/17/2011 I'll give you the $100 even if you don't finish the 100 holes. Better you than me!
Rusty Brown 11/17/2011
Lee Decof 11/14/2011
Ginger Monroy 11/8/2011 This is to support my good friend, Scoots McBoots.
Cyrus Whitney 11/8/2011 Go Duck Go !!
Pat Geare 11/4/2011
Mr. Gregory Sanfilippo 11/3/2011 Good Luck and don't hurt yourself.
Drew Woods 11/3/2011 McLovin', hope there aren't any trees on the left side or you are dead! LOL
Doc Graves 10/17/2011
Bob and Denise Ford 9/30/2011 Watch out or Dennis will DQ you!
Kenneth Hardt 9/27/2011 Total donation
Joe Ferroni 9/26/2011 Good luck....when I did it earlier in the year, it wasn't bad at all.
Mr. kevin trent 9/22/2011
bob mandeville 9/21/2011
Otis J White 9/21/2011 Go for it Scooter! :-) Make Robin wince when he sees how well you did!
Marc Apps 9/21/2011 With Dennis on your're in good hands!
Mr. Dennis Walsh 9/1/2011
Mike & Linda McNevin 8/31/2011 Great fundraiser Scott! We wish you the best on your 100 holes and have fun too! love, mom & dad :)
Mr. Scott McNevin 8/15/2011 Go Scooter, work that POWER FADE! Hope you have more than 1 birdie this year!