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Scott Reynolds, Jr Golf Parent

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Scott Reynolds, Jr Golf Parent

Thank you for supporting my endeavor at playing 100 holes of golf on December 3, 2011. As an avid golfer I recognize the lifelong opportunities available to youth through the game of golf. The Junior Golf Association of Arizona (a 501 (c)(3) non profit organization) offers many affordable opportunities for junior golfers of all ages and ability levels to participate and grow in the game of golf. Your involvement and support of this great cause is genuinely appreciated!

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Name Date Comment
Tom Metzler 2/8/2012
John Guerrero 12/1/2011
The Ohland's 12/1/2011 Good luck!!!!!!
Uncle Daryl & Aunt Liz 12/1/2011
Scott & Amy Reynolds 11/30/2011
Quint 11/29/2011
Sheila Rosenblatt 11/23/2011 Go Scott!!!
Jaime Leija 11/23/2011 Good luck and have fun!
Eleanor Reynolds 11/22/2011
Pat McLaughlin 11/22/2011
Mr. Brian Behrens 11/22/2011
Kerry Dahlman 11/22/2011 Have Fun!
The Leatham Family 11/22/2011 Good luck, Scott! We hope your fundraiser is a huge success! Rob, Kip & Patience
Bill Bauman 11/22/2011 Have fun.
Mr. Kelly Stackpole 11/21/2011
Marty Mulvaney 11/21/2011 Enjoy and good luck!
Scott Blitz 11/18/2011
Cyndi Skipper 11/14/2011
Mike McGuirk 11/10/2011
Craig Frey 11/10/2011
Sandy Tennyson 11/10/2011 Good luck!
Dave Kohout 11/9/2011
Mr. Dan Brady 11/8/2011
Scott Foley 11/8/2011 No hoops b4 golf. You need your strength.
Scott Reynolds 11/7/2011 hit em straight buddy
Paul Roach 11/4/2011 Take a lot of Advil.
The Gorden Group Commercial Realtors 11/4/2011
Mr. Bob Burton 11/3/2011
Connie 11/3/2011
Mr. Joyce Darson 11/3/2011
Joe Willey 11/3/2011 Good luck Scott! Have fun...
Kevin McCarty 11/3/2011
Mr. Bill Thomason 11/3/2011 Good job, Scott. Keep it up!
Denny 11/3/2011 Play well Scott
Phil 11/1/2011 Knock them dead Scott.
Nathan Biggar 10/28/2011