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Robin Farran, JGAA Official / AGA Official / USGA Committee Member

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Robin Farran, JGAA Official / AGA Official / USGA Committee Member

Thank you for supporting my endeavor of playing 100 holes of golf on December 3, 2011. As an enthusiastic supporter of junior golf I recognize the lifelong opportunities available to youth through the game of golf. The Junior Golf Association of Arizona (a 501 (c)(3) non profit organization) offers many affordable opportunities for junior golfers of all ages and ability levels to participate and grow in the game of golf. Your involvement and support of this great cause is genuinely appreciated!

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Mr. Fritz Henze 1/16/2012
John and Kristina Weber 1/14/2012
Steve Dallas 1/13/2012
Wally Schmuck 1/10/2012
Joe Kane 1/10/2012
Scott Farran 12/28/2011
Grand Canyon University 12/17/2011
Gary and Jennifer Ponzo 12/17/2011
Sherry Corsello 12/17/2011
Ron Norman 12/17/2011
Art Plate 12/17/2011
GW Trkula DMD MS 12/12/2011 Way to go Robin! 101 holes with Doc! Now that's a Marathon!
Mr. David Patterson 12/4/2011
Ray Knowles 12/2/2011
Chuck Buys 12/2/2011
Steve Feldtman 12/2/2011
John Ranslem 12/2/2011
Mr. Ed Elsner 12/2/2011 Best of luck Robin!
Mandy Rasmussen 12/2/2011 Have fun!
Mr. Larry Barrett 12/1/2011 Good luck, Robin, I hope Doc can keep you together for the event, or patch you up after you are through
Grover Walker 12/1/2011
Rob and Julie Azevedo 12/1/2011
Tom and Phebe McCutcheon 12/1/2011
Jerry Stahl 12/1/2011
Jerry Mahanke 12/1/2011
Cleve Lynch 12/1/2011
Jan Wobken 12/1/2011
Robin Farran 12/1/2011
Joe Salvo 12/1/2011
Brent DeRaad 12/1/2011
Reed McGregor 12/1/2011
Drew Woods 12/1/2011
Allen Family (David, Martina, Dane and Zach) 11/29/2011 Robin - Please try to keep Doc in line ... lol. Have Fun.
Mr. Dick Dosek 11/29/2011 Good luck, Robin. Make lots of birdies!!
Margaret Goldwater 11/28/2011
Dick Van Hook 11/28/2011
Doug Newell 11/25/2011 Keep up the good work!
Warren 11/24/2011 Robin -- Don't swing too hard... We need you to teach us Rules in preparation for next year's USGA/PGA Workshop Test. Thanks for supporting the kids!
Debbie Bizal 11/24/2011 Good luck have a fun day
Deborah Ruf 11/23/2011 Good luck again this year, Robin! This event gives many kids something to shoot for!
Barry Fontenot 11/22/2011 Good Luck Robin on your quest. I know you will have fun.
Paul Condit 11/20/2011
Cece Durbin 11/20/2011 Thanks Robin
Jim Moriarty 11/20/2011 I'm counting on you to make sure Doc doesn't get hurt during the marathon!
Lorraine Thies 11/20/2011 Thanks for your passion!!
Mr. Frank Shipman 11/20/2011
Mr. Peter Haverkampf 11/20/2011 $1.00 per hole or $100.00 max.
Clark Swartz 11/18/2011
Jim Williams 11/15/2011
Dave and Judy Badger 11/15/2011
Mimi Henderson 11/15/2011
Robin Farrin, JGAA in Arizona ( 11/13/2011 Good luck Robin. Any problem with this donation just call me @ 585+381-2923 (home)
Janet Reiner 11/12/2011
Malcolm and Nancy McLachlan 11/12/2011
Liz Frem 11/12/2011
Gail Rogers 11/12/2011
Gene McClure 11/12/2011
Cyrus Whitney 11/8/2011 Go Robin!!!
Supe 11/7/2011
John Gusky 11/6/2011
Ron Read 11/4/2011
Pat Guzzardo 11/4/2011
The KY Farran's 11/1/2011 Come on Dad, Let's see 1000 holes!
Pat Kaufman 10/31/2011
Bob and Christie Austin 10/31/2011 Great Job Robin !!
Robin Farran 10/31/2011
Ms. Tina Sanders 10/30/2011 For Robin Farran's fund raiser
robin farran 10/28/2011
Phil Bridges 10/27/2011
Mr. Ken Bedford 10/23/2011
Sally Tomlinson 10/23/2011
Deb Mackie 10/23/2011
Stuart Reid 10/23/2011 Good luck!
Mr. Brad Gregory 10/21/2011
paul pohl 10/17/2011
Sheri and John Erskine 10/16/2011
Doc Graves 10/16/2011
Cliff Myatt 10/14/2011
Jim Cook 10/13/2011
Annette Reynolds 10/13/2011
Jan and Fayann Kikta 10/13/2011
Bill Nickerson 10/13/2011
Tom and Alice Wohlgemuth 10/13/2011
Robbin Farrin 10/11/2011
Ellen O'Hara 10/8/2011 You are a great JGAA supporter!
Derrel Curry 10/2/2011
Kate Washburn 10/2/2011 Thanks for all you do!
Hilary Frigillana 9/30/2011 Thanks for all your guidance with the Rules.
Dick Haugland 9/30/2011
Bob and Denise Ford 9/30/2011 Good luck with Doc - you'll need it!
L. Ramsey 9/30/2011 Thanks for sharing Rules knowledge, and supporting Jr. golf.
Barbara Douglas 9/30/2011
Mr. Paul Lucien 9/29/2011 Go get'em Robin!!
William Bennett 9/29/2011
'Johnny' 9/26/2011 Wishing you "health & happiness", my friend.
Judi Lorenzen 9/22/2011
Robin Farran 9/21/2011
Larry Barrett 9/19/2011
Lou Ruf 9/19/2011
Sandra Hinzmann 9/19/2011
Zibby Tozer 9/19/2011
Tracy Gibbons 9/19/2011
Mindy Zamzow 9/19/2011
Loretta Williams 9/19/2011
Sue Kaupp 9/19/2011
Melanie MacBride 9/19/2011
Brian Bodker 9/19/2011
Steve Isaac 9/12/2011 Robin, I hope you have Doc caddying for you again this year. It's the only way you can make all 100 holes!!!
Mr. Joel Empie 9/9/2011
P 9/5/2011 Good luck Robin.
Ms. KC Cote 9/2/2011
Cliffmyatt 9/1/2011 No better motive to play the game.
Ms. Donna Altemus 9/1/2011 Thanks for helping to keep the WGANC Rules Officials sharp!
Robin Farren 9/1/2011 Best wishes and keep swinging.
Steve Levine 9/1/2011
Pat Glattke 9/1/2011 Thanks, Robin for the Rules Q's all year
Jack & Ede Rice 9/1/2011 You are a good man....
Mr. Dennis Walsh 9/1/2011