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Melanie Boyles, JGAA Tournament Director

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Melanie Boyles, JGAA Tournament Director

On behalf of the organization, I am participating in the 100 Hole JGAA Golf Marathon on December 3, 2011. The Junior Golf Association of Arizona is a fully non-profit organization and relies solely on raised funds. I would be grateful for your support to aid our efforts. Your donation will be put to the best possible use in providing valuable, rewarding golf opportunities that continue to impact the lives of local kids thru the game of golf.

The 100 Hole marathon provides financial support for our programs of age groups ranging from 3-18 years of age: with skill levels ranging from first-timers to future college stars. Your donation will provide affordable opportunities for Rules and Etiquette clinics, participation in junior golf tournaments, developmental tournaments, and equipment for all kids.

Remember the JGAA is a non-profit organization and needs your support. Help us keep our doors open and lights on! All donations of any amount are greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your support!!!

Recent Sponsors

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Joe Edwards 3/6/2012
John Edwards, Jr 1/6/2012
Ocean, Bob, Lorna 12/31/2011 Totally forgot about this. Our Apologies..
Bob Kerley 12/20/2011
the Nam family 12/6/2011 hey Melanie.. glad to help with such a great organization..
Donna Stapleton 12/3/2011
Nenad Family 12/3/2011 Good luck! We look forward to a great 2012.
Mr. Will Koepke 12/3/2011 Melanie - thanks for making Boys Club such a great time. The snow globes from the last tournament are super cool.
John, Becca, Drew & Alyssa Fockler 12/2/2011 Thanks Melanie for everything you do for Jr Golf!
Steve Groeneveld 11/30/2011
Scott Seibal 11/5/2011
The Wright Family 11/1/2011 Good luck and have fun!
Stephen Schlader 10/31/2011
Mike and Luke Meyer 10/31/2011 Have fun out there Melanie...thanks for everything that you do for the boys! - Mike and Luke Meyer
Sally Larson - LPGA-USGA Girls Golf of Tucson 10/30/2011
Brian Hardy 10/25/2011
Daniel & Cody Payne 10/22/2011 Good Luck Melanie! Thanks for all the hard work you do :-)
Jim & Terri Lee 10/21/2011
Betty Smith 10/11/2011