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John Gunby, PGA, Antelope Hills Golf Course

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John Gunby, PGA, Antelope Hills Golf Course

We all know the values and life skills that golf brings to each and every golfer. With Junior Golf, these life skills are ingrained at an early age and will be reflected in the actions and character of our future parents, leaders and citizens of our country. The JGAA is a leader in developing the life-long character traits that are so important to the future of our society.
Ingrid (my Guide Dog Ambassador and the official member greeter at the Club at Prescott Lakes) and I look forward to raising money for the JGAA and supporting the great opportunities that the JGAA brings to all juniors in our great state of Arizona.
Thank you for supporting my endeavor at playing 100 holes of golf on December 3, 2011.

Recent Sponsors

Name Date Comment
Mr. Andrew Magee 12/13/2011 Way to go John!!! Did a guy named Scott Merrill donate?
Dave and Wini 12/5/2011 Thanks John for participating!
Dr. Chuck McDevitt 12/2/2011 John, Your willingness to consider ideas beyond your own is evidence of your courage and vision. Thanks for what you have done for my son.
Syd 12/1/2011 Wishing you and Ingrid a successful completion of the marathon and just a great day! Ingrid will deserve extra treats.
John Gunby 12/1/2011
Alice and Danny Scott 12/1/2011 Good Luck John and Ingrid
Duke A Vaughn 11/30/2011
Mr. Bill Hogue 11/30/2011
Joe 11/29/2011 Great program, I was involved years ago. Thanks to all players and helpers.
Andrew and Bryson Proctor 11/29/2011 Go Uncle Buck, we know you will have fun playing 100 holes. Tell Ingrid to have fun too! We miss her. Thanks for all that you do for Junior Golf.
Ernie and Sue Elliott 11/29/2011
Richard Stanley 11/28/2011 Terrific program. The best to you and Ingrid this year.
Bruce Gebhardt 11/27/2011 Thank you Mr & Mrs Gebhardt for supporting Junior Golf
Mr. dick mccoy 11/27/2011
Mr. Lynne and Rich Dressen 11/27/2011 John, glad to support you in your efforts and suppport of Jr. golf
Ed Patterson 11/26/2011 John and Ingrid thanks for your participation in this valuable fund raising event for kid's golf.
Neil & Marilyn Rivenburg 11/26/2011 Thank you for supporting Jr Golf.
Mrs. Francine Petrucci 11/26/2011
Dave & Dani Dutton 11/26/2011 John, swing easy because you'll be doing it a lot! Good luck on this worthy endeavor.
Riley and Trevor Lewis 11/24/2011 Our family is very thankful for you and your staff. The boys are looking forward to the many holes to be played in the future.
Mr. Bob, Celia, Mike, Tom Erickson 11/24/2011 Mike thinks you should only use "one club" ... to make it more interesting!
John Davis 11/23/2011
Steve Fox 11/22/2011 Thanks Steve for supporting Jr Golf & your involvement with Jr Golf - Ingrid & I will represent you well.
Patty Shemenske 11/22/2011 Thanks Patty - Ingrid & I will raise lots of $'s for Jr Golf.
Fernandez Boys 11/21/2011 John - Thanks for all you do for us, Junior Golf, and for our club. We're sure that Ingrid will be driving the cart by the 80th hole!
Richard Drake 11/21/2011 Thanks Richard - we will do well - for the Club & Jr Golf.
Doug & Jean Shell 11/21/2011 Thanks Doug & Jean - Ingrid & I are proud to represent the Club in this endeavor!!!
Patt & Larry LeBeau 11/16/2011 Good Luck, I know Ingrid will make the 100 holes with ease, concerned about you
Chuck and Jen 11/16/2011 Good luck John, almost missed this year . . .have fun!
Roger and Denise Wolfe 11/16/2011 Go get em' John.
gary bernard 11/16/2011 John...Hope you and Ingrid have a great time for a very good cause. Best of Luck!!!
Dave and Kim Potthast 11/15/2011
Rick and Lois Schliepsiek 11/15/2011
CJ Ketterer 11/14/2011 Hey Gunner good luck with the marathon and the fund raiser.
Mr. David Hackathorn 11/9/2011
Roger and Carol 11/7/2011 John is always 'out there' for the kids and the game of golf. Thank you John!
Mike & Jill Lee 11/5/2011
Mr. Ron Coslett 11/5/2011 Remember to take some Advil!! Good Luck, Ron
Mike Sherry 11/4/2011 Thanks Mike - see you soon.
Pete Martinez 11/4/2011 Thanks Pete - sorry I can't play 1000 holes but i will play 100 for you, Denise and your whole family!
Tom and Cindy Plungis 11/3/2011 Go get em John!!
Mr. Mark Johnson 11/3/2011
Bob & Jean Stolarski 11/1/2011 Good luck on the 100 holes!
Ron McPherson/Antigua 10/31/2011 Keep swingin' ole fella! Don't hurt yourself!
Kirk Triplett 10/29/2011 Ingrid, make sure he putts out on every gimmes
Bob & Laura 10/29/2011 Have a fun day John & Ingrid! Donation in memory of my parents who were lifelong avid golfers.
Ms. Karyl Mayer 10/28/2011 Oliver and I miss you both.
Mark Nichols 10/27/2011 John, Keep up the great work.
Mr. larry lippon 10/27/2011
Melissa Luellen 10/25/2011 Good luck John and Ingrid....she is the better looking one!
Ms. kathy auten 10/24/2011 we're proud of you, john - play on!
Judy & Charly Hudek 10/22/2011 Good Luck John! Have fun
Jim and Matthew 10/22/2011 John, I wish my knees were up to going with you! Jim
Charles Lanci 10/21/2011
Doc Graves 10/17/2011
Jim and Jane Kula 10/17/2011 Thanks John for doing this. Our grandson Luke (5) is a participant at Prescott Lakes and is off on a great start.
Gus Friedel 10/17/2011 As a Member of The Club at Prescott Lakes, I support Junior Golf
Mr. W. Dennis Gorman 10/14/2011
Mr. Dave Ziemba 10/14/2011 Go Gunner! From Virginia, always glad to help your continuing support of the Arizona Junior Golf Program we're both products of. Z - Captain, US Navy (Retired)
Darla Schmid 10/9/2011
Lori and Ed Gaucher 10/7/2011
John Gunby 9/30/2011
Judy & Bob Kremp 9/30/2011
John Gundby 9/30/2011
Walt & Patty Rankin 9/28/2011 As members of Prescott Lakes, we support junior golf.
Joe & Connie Miller 9/23/2011
Ingrid Gunby 9/23/2011 Woof - woof! All Golfers are so nice to me- I think it is because they have learned those great & important life skills through the game of golf that other sports & games do not teach you humans. Make sure you bring me some treats.