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Erik Miller, Schuttler Customs

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Erik Miller, Schuttler Customs

Thank you for supporting my endeavor at playing 100 holes of golf on December 3, 2011. As an avid golfer I recognize the lifelong opportunities available to youth through the game of golf. The Junior Golf Association of Arizona (a 501 (c)(3) non profit organization) offers many affordable opportunities for junior golfers of all ages and ability levels to participate and grow in the game of golf.
Your involvement and support of this great cause is genuinely appreciated!

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Mr. Matt Lavelle 12/22/2010 $100.00
Mr. Chris Garman 12/7/2010 $100.00
Dawn & Bob Kalb 12/6/2010 $150.00
Mr. Travis Myrick 12/6/2010 $100.00
Kathy Knecht 12/3/2010 $50.00
Erik Miller 12/3/2010 $250.00