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Justin M Clarke, The Honey Foundation / CDS Drivers

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Justin M Clarke, The Honey Foundation / CDS Drivers

Thank you for supporting my endeavor at playing 100 holes of golf on December 6, 2010. As an avid golfer I recognize the lifelong opportunities available to youth through the game of golf. The Junior Golf Association of Arizona (a 501 (c)(3) non profit organization) offers many affordable opportunities for junior golfers of all ages and ability levels to participate and grow in the game of golf.
Your involvement and support of this great cause is genuinely appreciated!

Recent Sponsors

Name Date Comment
Stephen & Cathy Horrell 12/10/2010
Oschmann Employee Screening Services 12/1/2010 We expect lots of birdies and no bogies
Brad Berg 11/23/2010 Hit 'em straight!
Greg Perkins 11/23/2010 Good Luck!!
Arthur Levario 11/17/2010 11/16/2010 Good Luck!!
Scott Clarke 11/16/2010 Thanks Scott! You're awesome for donating to this project.
Driver Solutions, Inc. 11/15/2010
Manning Group 11/15/2010 A big Thank you to Jared Manning and Manning Group for donating to this great event. Thank you for your support!
Gary Scott 11/11/2010
Southwest Truck Insurance 11/8/2010
Micheal H Jimenez 11/8/2010 Happy to help, thanks for being involved
Don Mellon 10/25/2010 Thanks for sponsoring this great event, Don. I appreciate your help!
Jonathan Howard 10/22/2010 Jon is a Litchfield Park rotary member, and a supporter of this program. Thanks, Jon!
Justin Clarke 10/20/2010 Let's play some golf!