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Kathy Knadler, LPGA-USGA Girls Golf of Phoenix

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Kathy Knadler, LPGA-USGA Girls Golf of Phoenix

I am participating in the 100 Hole JGAA Golf Marathon on December 6th to raise money for the LPGA-USGA Girls Golf of Phoenix program. The Girls Golf program relies solely on raised funds and I am grateful for your support in my efforts. Your donation will be put to the best possible use in providing valuable, rewarding, fun and memorable golf opportunities for your daughter(s).

Recent Sponsors

Name Date Comment
Kathy and Peter Knadler 1/14/2011
Porman Family 12/6/2010 Thanks for ALL you do!! We love ya!!
Sandy LaBauve donation for Kathy 12/1/2010 Best of luck Kathy! You are an angel for girls golf in Arizona. Have fun!!! Sandy
Frank & Melinda Espinoza 12/1/2010 Thanks Kathy for all you do for the girls!
Jay & Kaori Shindo 11/30/2010 Thank you Kathy. It is a blessing for our daughter and all girls for the playing opportunities.
John & Donna Stapleton 11/24/2010 Kathy we will always be thankful for all you have done for our girls and so many others.
Ocean's Family 11/23/2010 Thank you Mrs Knadler!
Cassidy & Sierra Sanchez 11/21/2010 Thank You Kathy, We are so lucky to have you there for us !
Schian Family 11/21/2010 We appreciate all that you do and good luck on the 6th.
Rich and Stephanie Kaye 11/19/2010 swing easy girl!
International Technical Rubber 11/17/2010
Mr. Darrin Biggs 11/17/2010
Bob Kerley 11/16/2010
Connie & Guy Brown 11/16/2010 We appreciate you Kathy!
Kathy Knadler 11/16/2010 Kathy, thanks for all you do, good luck!
Dave Stansbery 11/9/2010 Thanks Kathy for all you do for Girls Golf. We are lucky to have you!
Sean and Michelle Lonergan 11/6/2010 The girls love playing in "Kathy's" tournaments. We sincerely appreciate all that you do for Girls Golf of Phoenix.
Andy and Carolyn Saum 10/29/2010
Tim Mickelsen 10/27/2010 Thanks for all your work. It blesses my daughter.
Kurt and Jenni Kinsey 10/27/2010 Thank you for all of your work and support with girls golf!
Blaine, Annette & Carly Akine 10/22/2010 Thank you so much for all you do! We love Girls Golf! Good Luck, Have fun!
Savana Murphy 10/22/2010 Thanks for everything you do to make golf such a great experience!
Mrs. Ruth Seigel 10/21/2010 Thanks for all your work!
David & Tammy Rummel 10/21/2010 We really appreciate your hard work and dedication to Girls Golf!
Troy & Debbie Carpenter 10/20/2010 Thanks for all you do Kathy! Good luck and have fun :)
Mr. Brad East 10/15/2010
Dunaway Family 10/15/2010
Steve & Chaun Groeneveld 10/1/2010 Hope you reach your goal! Good Luck!