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WHEN:  October 3, 2015 

WHERE: Bear Creek Golf Complex - Cub Course

JGAA MISSION STATEMENT: As a 501(c)(3) organization, the JGAA provides:

- Opportunities for youth to experience golf,

- Clinics on Etiquette and Rules for tournament ready juniors, and

- Tournaments, events and programs for juniors of all age groups.

The JGAA partners with allied organizations to further junior golf. 

Raised so far: $77,535.00

JGAA Fundraising Leaderboard 2016

Player Affiliation Donation Amount
Robin Farran JGAA Official / AGA Official / USGA Committee Member $17,760.00
Joe Worden JGAA Parent and Board Member $10,650.00
Alex Clark Team AC $9,350.00
John Gunby, PGA and Ingrid The Club at Prescott Lakes $6,850.00
Freeman Theriault Junior Golf Advisory Member $6,200.00